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With a heritage stretching back to initial cellular research in 1931 in Montreux, Switzerland, Swiss Perfection is the first brand in the world to apply vegetal cellular extraction technology to skincare. Using the Cellular Active IRISA® complex, this sought-after collection is at the forefront of providing the most advanced solutions in anti-aging treatments.

With a range of highly concentrated biotechnological ingredients the formulas have been designed to respond to the specific needs of any user. Reflecting the pure Swiss landscape, Swiss Perfection remains the embodiment of the pristine setting where it was first conceived.

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“Pushing the boundaries beyond conventional wellness”

At Ultima Gstaad Spa & Clinic, we go beyond even the most luxurious of conventional wellness offerings to provide a consciousness-awakening approach that complements medical-grade treatments in our Clinic. Taking care of the mind and spirit is vital when enhancing and reinvigorating the body, and our programmes include meditation, reiki, energetic care, and massages from across the world, including Shiatsu.

With tailored guidance, begin the Ultima journey for total well-being with our therapists curating wellness programmes that encompass the physical and cutting-edge cosmetic procedures to breathing, sleeping and nutrition. Our aim is that the purity and balance of the landscape that cradles Ultima Gstaad will be instilled in our guests, so each guest will leave transformed.

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Our Spa is open daily from 10am to 8pm, with treatments on request. Experience a unique atmosphere and feel invigorated by a comprehensive menu of treatments and packages guided by therapists dedicated to holistic wellness that feeds the body, mind and soul.


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