Ultima Gstaad Wellness Packages


Holistic Beauty Retreat (4 days or less)
Strengthen your immune system, enhance your skin’s beauty, improve your quality of sleep and regain precious balance  

Begin the day with a healthy breakfast and protein smoothie before yoga class and a guided meditation. Your mind now clearer, continue with a chakra-balancing massage and a detox and revitalisation treatment in our Clinic. Afterwards, leave refreshed with a bottle of water infused with properties of precious stones, plus sea collagen to take home, so you can continue your journey to attain balance long after you leave.

Sculpt the Body (3 days)
A full draining and slimming ritual where nature walks and personal training complement clinic-based full-body and facial treatments

In the morning begin with an exhilarating nature walk with a sports coach before a healthy breakfast and juice. Get the blood flowing further with a personal training session and follow with a healthy lunch. In the afternoon our clinicians will provide an array of treatments, with two anti- cellulite rituals, a detox body ritual, cryolipolysis, cavitation treatment, an Ultima lifting facial, high intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) treatment, and a Profhilo® ‘beneath the skin’ hyaluronic acid treatment for the body. Leave sculpted and uplifted and feeling in your prime.

Men (2 days)
A perfect combination of training, hiking, massage and clinic-based treatments to help men achieve their goals and reveal their best selves

Before a session with one of our skilled personal trainers enjoy Innermost’s ‘The Strong Protein’ smoothie. Follow with a deep tissue massage or, after hiking, receive a tailored post-hike massage before an Ultima lunch. Afterwards a Men Perfect Repair Facial will deep clean, and a programme of detox and revitalisation will commence in our clinic. Finish with an express manicure and pedicure or foot reflexology, as well as PRP hair treatment optional.

Get Ready at Ultima ( 1/2 Day) 
Spend a few hours before a special occasion and get ready with our team of beauty experts to obtain the perfect evening glow

Relax and start celebrating early with an Ultima lunch followed by a Perfect Hydration Facial by Swiss Perfection, to deliver intense moisturisation, along with radiofrequency skin tightening treatment. An express manicure or pedicure starts the preparations for the evening, and make-up by our expert stylists with a glass of Champagne and delectable snacks to get you in the mood.

Yoga Retreat (3 days)
An immersive 3-day yoga experience that listens to your body and harmonises it with nature, from dawn to dusk

Starting with an introductory sunrise meditation and a healthy breakfast, as morning unfolds leave the bustle of the day-to-day behind with a yoga breathing session and some calming and soothing time in the Hammam. In the afternoon yoga is followed by a sunset meditation and 60-minute massage, and after, back in the Clinic, receive a stress relief consultation.

Time for Two (3 days)
Designed for couples, mothers and daughters and pairs of friends who want to take time off and create precious memories together, this unique bonding experience delivers moments of joy, discovery and relaxation

Spend two nights in one of our Signature Suites, starting your stay with a massage, before sampling the seasonal delights created by Andrea Franceschi with a three-course wine pairing dinner at Ultima’s restaurant.

The following day, begin with an Ultima breakfast before departing for either Gruyère Castle for a cheese and wine lunch, or visit the chocolate factory at Cailler, and indulge your sweet tooth. Once sated, return and unwind further with an Ultima Signature Massage and sample the best of our luxurious Spa. After, retreat to your sumptuous suite for an evening meal, with an indulgent comfort food menu and a glass or two of your favourite wine.

On the third day, relaxed and restored, enjoy a generous breakfast before spending a lazy day by the outdoor jacuzzi or the indoor pool.


Me Time (2 days)
Put yourself first for the weekend with a unique experience that rests the mind and allows you to rediscover yourself

Staying a night in one of our Signature Suites, check in early to make the most of the day with a Perfect Facial for intense hydration or an antioxidant Perfect Purifying Facial. After a session of personal training and a detox ritual, delight the senses in a different way, with locally sourced fish, meat and vegetarian creations by Andrea Franceschi and lunch on the terrace. Later in the afternoon a Spa manicure and pedicure will have you looking polished for a 3-course dinner menu with wine pairing in our restaurant. After a tranquil night’s sleep enjoy an in-suite breakfast, with time for the Spa before departing for home.

 Family Summertime (3 days)
A fun and playful experience to share with your loved ones, bringing joy to all the family

Stay in one of our family suites for an exquisite home away from home for all the family. On the first day, venture up into the mountains for a Mountains Ritual for the adults and a first massage for the children. Cap the day off with a family dinner at the restaurant that will delight all ages.

On your second day, after a hiking massage for the adults, take an electric bike excursion and choose to include a tasty Chocolaterie visit, before stopping for a well-deserved picnic lunch. In the evening sit back and relax for movie night in our plush cinema, followed by dinner before bed.

Once the family have all enjoyed Ultima’s celebrated breakfast let the children have fun and unwind with playful yoga, as adults make the most of the more grown-up treats and treatments in our Spa.


Gstaad Open Tennis (2 days)
An immersive sporty treat, with some restorative touches, perfect for any tennis lover

On your first day get going with personal training after check in, restoring energy levels with a delicious lunch. With water, an assortment of snacks and sunscreen provided, head off to enjoy a match or two at the Open before returning for a Tonic Body Ritual and dinner by Andrea Franceschi at our restaurant, savouring the punchy, seasonal favours alongside a wine pairing.

On the second day, following a signature Ultima breakfast get refreshed with a Legendary Facial, before departing to the Open for more court action.

The EFG Swiss Open Gstaad will take place from July 15th to 23rd 2023.

U Move (1/2 day)
Prioritise your mental and physical health with a balanced combination of fitness and relaxation

Following an organic Fit protein smoothie, work out with one of our expert personal trainers before enjoying a healthy breakfast. Relax with a Shiatsu massage as you recline upon a futon and then pamper yourself with a Legendary Facial or Men Perfect Repair Facial, to leave you feeling your best, both inside and out.

U Season (1 day, throughout the seasons)
A full day of self-care at Ultima Gstaad’s next level Spa, uplifting no matter the season


With summer in full swing, it’s time to get energised with a Perfect Hydration Facial, Anti-Cellulite Ritual and Hydration IV Drip, administered in our Clinic. Following lunch, a Spa manicure and pedicure will add a touch of gloss for whatever these warmer months will bring. 


With a Perfect Purifying Facial, Detox Ritual and Immune Booster IV Drip performed in our Clinic, feel renewed. Take a break for lunch before feeling the healing effects of an afternoon session of foot reflexology, restoring the flow of energy throughout the body with this pressure- point massage.


Nourish the face and body with The Legendary Facial, a Mountains Ritual and an Immune Booster IV Drip in our state-of-the-art clinic. Following lunch, retreat to the Hamman to steam, relax and bathe.


As nature’s beauty begins to blossom combine an Ultima Signature Facial, Tonic Body Ritual and Hydration IV Drip in our clinic, with lunch and an afternoon yoga class. Revived and relaxed, you’ll be ready for the flourishing season ahead.