Ultima Courchevel Wellness Packages


Before & After Ski Ritual (1 day)
Be your best on the mountain with our pre and post-ski programme

Start the day with an energy-boosting smoothie and Innermost’s ‘Recover Capsules’ followed by a private pilates session to ensure you are stretched and ready for a day on the slopes. Ensure you are fully protected with SPF products and moisture-enhancing creams, to protect you against the elements. Upon return, enjoy an after-ski massage to aid blood flow and muscle recovery and a feet reflexology treatment to ensure you are ready for the next day on the mountain.

Anti-Fatigue (2 days)
For busy minds and jet-lagged travellers, reset and rebalance to feel your optimum within days

Wake at the optimum time within your sleep cycle, and start the day with a healthy breakfast, full of nutrients and energy-boosting elements. Get the blood flowing from head to toe with an Ultima head massage and feet reflexology. Finish the day with a private yoga session and guided meditation to clear your mind before bed. The following day, bring your body to its best with an anti-fatigue booster facial, followed by a deep tissue massage to awaken your muscles.

Ultima Day (1 day)
Experience wellness the Ultima way - a day filled with indulgent treatments and full relaxation

Sample the best of our luxurious spa, spending the day using the sensual sauna, heated pools and fitness rooms. For ultima privacy, return to your residence for an Ultima Signature Massage and bespoke facial. In the evening, indulge in a menu filled with seasonal delights cooked by a private chef, designed just for you.

Hot & Cold ( 1/2 Day)
Contrast cold therapy with heat treatments, to relax deeper, combat stress and calm muscle pains

Embrace the cold with an outdoor yoga session, exposed to nature to stimulate better circulation and boost oxygen flow. Return to our state-of-the-art spa and unwind in our sauna and hammam to elevate your body temperature. Following this, enjoy a mountain ritual massage to return your body back to its equilibrium.

Ski Fit (2 days)
A perfect combination of training, skiing, massage and sports-recovery based treatments to help men achieve their goals and reveal their best selves

Before a session with one of our skilled personal trainers, enjoy Innermost’s ‘The Strong Protein’ smoothie. Follow with a deep tissue massage or, after your private ski lesson, receive a tailored after-ski massage. Afterwards, a Perfect Repair Facial will deep clean and rejuvenate after being exposed to the elements. Finish with an express manicure and pedicure or foot reflexology, before an evening menu curated around muscle recovery and repair.

Holistic Beauty Retreat (4 days or less)
Strengthen your body recovery, enhance your skin’s beauty, improve your quality of sleep and regain precious balance

Begin the day with a healthy breakfast and protein smoothie before a private yoga session to enhance your flexibility and mobility. Your body and mind now awake, continue with a chakra-balancing massage and a guided meditation. Afterwards, leave refreshed with a bottle of water infused with properties of precious stones, plus Innermost’s Detox Booster to take home, so you can continue your journey to attain balance long after you leave.

Sculpt The Body (3 days)
A full draining and slimming ritual where nature walks and personal training complement full-body and facial treatments

In the morning, begin with an exhilarating nature walk with a sports coach before a healthy breakfast and juice. Get the blood flowing further with a personal training session, followed by a nutrient-rich lunch. In the afternoon, our therapists will provide an array of treatments, with two anti-cellulite rituals, an Ultima lifting facial, and a RENATA Franca Treatment to re-contour your body's silhouette. Leave sculpted and uplifted and feeling in your prime.

 Get Ready At Ultima (1/2 day)
Spend a few hours before a special occasion and get ready with our team of beauty experts to obtain the perfect evening glow

Relax and start celebrating early with an Ultima lunch followed by a Perfect Hydration Facial by Swiss Perfection, to deliver intense moisturisation. An express shellac manicure or pedicure starts the preparations for the evening, and hair and make-up by our expert stylists with a glass of Champagne and delectable snacks to get you in the mood.

My First Spa (1 day)
With the optional assistance of a nanny for you to enjoy time off, let the little ones experience their first spa day, with treatments adapted to kids

Beginning the day with a decadent breakfast, the children will be pampered all day by a team of professionals who have designed treatments for their age. Heading to the spa, they will experience their first facial, with moisturizing SPF products to protect their skin. After a playful yoga session, they can enjoy their first massage before hot chocolates, marshmallows and our signature afternoon delights.

Tea & Therapy (1/2 day)
Combining the ancestral anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits of tea with therapy to purify the skin and boost the immune system

Indulge in an afternoon of complete decadence and pampering. Starting with a full body scrub, experience bespoke treatments focusing on detoxing and rejuvenating the body and the mind - a detox ritual as well as an Ultima Signature facial. After, enjoy afternoon tea and delights in the lobby bar, with teas chosen for their individual benefits depending on your needs.