Ultima Megève - Become Your Fittest Self


Break away from the ordinary. Try something new with Ultima and 'Become Your Fittest Self'. Spend a week pushing your body to its limits, where the mountains will take your fitness and adrenaline to new heights, all whilst enjoying the benefits of Green Exercise.

A monotonous routine can result in fatigue. On our fitness retreat, each day will have you experience a different alpine sport before returning to your private spa for an indulgent treatment of your choice.  At Ultima Megève, nature is your playground.

White Water Rafting
Paddle your way along the Arve River whilst battling against the rapids. This is an adrenaline-filled interval-style workout where you have to exert a great deal of energy in several short, repetitive bursts. But it is guaranteed that the enjoyment far outweighs any physical strain.

Give a boost to your fitness whilst exploring Megève’s trails. From the cobbled streets of the village, up to the mountain peaks and valleys, hiking in Megève is everything you could want and more. The views of Mont Blanc and fresh mountain air will leave you in awe, whilst you build your stamina.

Mountain Biking
Megève has quickly become one of the most popular places to bike in the Alps thanks to its variety of trails. Unlike road cycling, Mountain Biking is a full-body workout. As you cruise through meadows and pastures and dive through forests, not only will you strengthen your lower body, your core and upper body will be used for stability too.

Climb to new heights over Martient Rock and take in the impressive panoramas. With the help of an instructor, you can push your limits and be rewarded with incredible memories. Climbing provides a rigorous arm and core workout, and being out in nature is an added benefit.

Head to the underground world through cave diving. Speleology will thrill you as you walk, climb and crawl through the fascinating world that exists under your feet. Caving requires stamina, agility, and flexibility, you'll be using muscles you didn't even know you have.