Ultima Collection - The Ultima Escape


For those craving something more. The Ultima Escape is a holistic wellness retreat that has been curated to meet the diverse needs of wellness enthusiasts seeking an extended stay.

This is a minimum month-long retreat of highly personalised and targeted treatments, available at all of the Ultima Collection properties across the Alps and the Mediterranean.

Addressing the mind, gut, body, and soul, you will receive a health check on arrival at the chosen Ultima property with a nutritionist, a personal trainer, and a massage therapist. The Ultima team will tailor a programme to cater to your individual needs. During the retreat, you can expect to be introduced to the principles of lifestyle medicine to enhance your everyday lives, raise awareness of genetics, and help adopt a healthy lifestyle across nutrition, physical and mental health.

The Ultima Escape hones in on three main pillars: immunity protection, lifestyle and the environment, and future healing. Administered by highly trained and trusted professionals, the treatments are curated through DNA analysis and personalised recommendations to help you make positive, long-term changes and mitigate the risks of developing illnesses in the future.

During your stay, you can also have various aesthetic treatments which go beyond solely focusing on physical health and wellness, to encompass every requirement and ensure guests return home feeling truly fulfilled and rejuvenated.