Ultima Corfu - Soul Revival


What Mother Nature doesn’t already cure, Ultima Corfu’s team will carry the rest of the way. Embark on our Soul Revival programme, designed to bring you back to your factory settings while overlooking the medicinal Ionian Sea.

Enter through the private villa’s ‘Doorway to Heaven’ to an infinity pool reflecting the rippling Ionian Sea beyond. It’s a sight that leaves an instant mark the moment you arrive. Stairs wind down from the three-tiered villa to a private dock where you can arrive by boat for your fully serviced stay. Or dip straight into the sea - whatever feels right.

Spend your days balancing on a SUP, gently stretching on the water under the careful guidance of a Pilates instructor. You will work towards a strengthened core while taking in 180-degree views of the Ionian Sea. The eagled-eyed will also spot the grassy hills of Albania in the distance.

When it comes to wellness, it always comes back to a good night’s sleep. Ultima Corfu is surrounded by all the sounds, smells and textures needed for you to drift off into a deeper slumber. Plus, you will learn how to incorporate new habits into your everyday routine, pinpoint any causes of unrest and (if required) receive a treatment plan.

Your breathing can change the shape of your body and, if done correctly, benefit your overall health. It’s also deeply married with yoga, so embark on morning yoga sessions as the sunrises, where a guru will show you how to start your day right.

Always looking for ways to surprise you - inspired by the Wim Hof Method, Ultima’s team can prepare ice baths for a shock to your system and a rush of endorphins. It has been scientifically proven to improve sleep quality, fight inflammation, strengthen the nervous system, reduce chronic pain, and sometimes burn fat. On top of that, some can find it a spiritual experience.

Let the experts take the lead. Ultima’s talented masseuses will personalise your massages based on the time of day and your body’s needs. Picture relaxing to the sounds of crashing waves below as you enjoy a lavender-infused massage during sunset, as the villa floods with a golden light.

You will leave Ultima Corfu feeling more yourself than ever before.