‘The Ultima Escape’ and New Partnership with VistaJet


21 April 2021 – Ultima Collection has launched ‘The Ultima Escape’; a holistic wellness retreat that has been curated to meet the diverse needs of wellness enthusiasts seeking an extended stay. ‘The Ultima Escape’ is a minimum month-long retreat of highly personalised and targeted treatments, available at all of the Ultima Collection properties across the Alps and the Mediterranean. Ultima Collection is pleased to launch the Escape with their new brand partner, leading global aviation company VistaJet, for the ultimate holistic wellness retreat.

“The average length of stay at our properties is 33 days and we are continuing to witness a steep increase in the number of our long-stay guests. We know that 80 percent of UHNWIs are dedicating more of their time and money to wellbeing, so we have created an experience that perfectly caters to this demand. Our programme offers a wide scope of highly personalised and targeted treatments, administered by highly trained and trusted professionals, that support holistic wellness and a healthy lifestyle across three main pillars; immunity protection, lifestyle and environment, and future healing. Additionally, with our preferred aviation partner VistaJet, guests can already start their holistic journey en route to our properties.” comments Michala Chatel, Managing Partner at Ultima Collection.

Before even reaching the destination, the Escape will commence with the ultimate cabin experience onboard VistaJet, where guests can expect an abundance of services and amenities designed to evoke immediate relaxation, including mindfulness exercises and products, to a bespoke menu from your preferred restaurant. With Cabin Hostesses trained by the British Butler Institute, every detail is considered.

Addressing the mind, gut, body, and soul, guests will receive a health check on arrival at the chosen Ultima property with a nutritionist, a personal trainer, and a massage therapist. The Ultima team will then tailor a programme to cater to their individual needs. During the retreat, guests will be introduced to the principles of lifestyle medicine to enhance their everyday lives, raising awareness of genetics, and helping adopt a healthy lifestyle across nutrition, physical and mental health.

The Ultima Escape hones in on three main pillars: immunity protection, lifestyle and the environment, and future healing. Administered by highly trained and trusted professionals, the treatments are curated through DNA analysis and personalised recommendations to help guests to make positive, long-term changes, and mitigate the risks of developing illnesses in the future. Guests are also offered various aesthetic treatments which go beyond solely focusing on physical health and wellness, to encompass every requirement and ensure guests return home feeling truly fulfilled and rejuvenated.

Additional services can be added to the Retreat, including a private driver and car, private helicopter or private jet flights, and yacht charters.

The Ultima Escape begins from £205,500/CHF 263,000 at Ultima Crans-Montana for up to 10 people and includes a chef, VistaJet flights not included.

For reservations: call +41 22 779 33 33 or email