Step Inside Ultima Corfu

Where Sea Views Are Inescapable

A Dreamy Waterfront Villa
on Emerald Island

The island of Corfu has long stolen the hearts of travellers, but our multi-tiered villa makes a journey here all the more special. Step through the doorway to heaven and discover paradise. 

Tranquillity is the first word that springs to mind when you think of Ultima Corfu. Arrive by boat to this authentic Greek villa’s private dock and enjoy utter seclusion for up to 12 guests. The deep blue waters beyond are inescapable, with the property boasting 180-degree views of the Greek and Albanian coasts.

The concept

Ultima Corfu sits above and beyond. It was designed in an understatedly stylish manner so that Corfu’s backdrop can speak for itself. A fusion of pale woods, honeyed hues and milky stone, set against the dazzling backdrop of nature makes it feel otherworldly.

From the gym to the cinema room to the hilltop jacuzzi and the two infinity pools, you’ll be drawn back year after year. Recount the day’s events with loved ones in the heart of the villa or while sharing a bottle of wine in one of the sea-facing terraces.

And there are six suites, each comprising a private dressing room, bathroom and, of course, views that will make your heart sing.

Private Events


Wellness is very much on the menu, and you can expect personalised touches that will make your stay exceptional. The villa has two heated infinity pools on two different levels, plus an impressive waterfall, spa, a mosaic-tiled hammam with stone seating, and a Jacuzzi.

What Mother Nature doesn’t already cure, Ultima Corfu’s team will carry the rest of the way. Sleep therapy, for those who haven’t had a solid eight hours in longer than they can remember, SUP pilates to strengthen cores, morning yoga sessions as the sun rises, and relaxing massages to the sounds of crashing waves below. You will feel like you have escaped to paradise.


Watch lobster tails searing on the barbeque, enjoy our Luxury Ultima Breakfast served by the pool, and taste traditional Greek delicacies as the sun sets. Our mouth-watering dining experiences are best served with the sounds of the waves crashing below. Expect a blend of Mediterranean-inspired dishes and seafood delicacies fresh from the sea you’re overlooking.

With a uniquely talented chef at your service, you will receive tailored culinary experiences focusing on dining al fresco.

Private Events

Private Events


There is a certain magic to Corfu. This Mediterranean island is rich in multiple cultural influences and above all breathtaking landscapes. It is also the largest island of the Ionian archipelago, bordered by the Adriatic and the Ionian Sea.

Thanks to its impressive setting and history, there is no shortage of things to do on the island. Whether you are looking for a wellness retreat, adventurous discovery or cultural immersion, Corfu has it all.

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