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About Ultima Collection

Our brand mission, vision and values

Ultima Collection is an award-winning property selection of ultra-luxury hotels, villas, spas, clinics and private residences characterised by exceptional standards in luxury design, unmatched hospitality and personalised services. From select mountain resorts to secluded waterfront retreats and urban villas, our properties are located in the most exclusive destinations across Europe.

Catering to the world's most discerning clientele, Ultima Collection offers the ultimate in unique and authentic luxury travel and hospitality experiences. Our vision goes beyond creating a luxury home away from home with the service of a 5-star hotel and the utter privacy of a private residence. All our properties offer ample opportunities for holistic immersion, specialist therapies, treatments and pure relaxation for individuals, families and groups. 


Our values of authenticity in creating unique experiences, commitment to providing our customers with an unmatched standard of service, utmost personalisation and treating all clients and employees with respect and empathy is ingrained in our holistic approach of offering our customers a service tailored to their specific requirements while respecting their privacy and maintaining total confidentiality at all times prior to, during and post their stays. 


We invite you to enter the Ultima World and immerse yourself into an ultra-luxury universe of pure wellness and relaxation. 

"The Ultima Group is at the forefront of several major trends that are currently reshaping the sector in the high-end alternative accommodation market"


- Forbes